Our Business is Our Family

We are a family operated business and we wouldn’t want anything else. Our family is our business and our business is our. The Delissis are proud to be a part of our community and support our locals. From supporting our neighbors and their wineries to participating in the town parade we do it all and love every part of it. Come enjoy our food, our company, introduce yourself, and have a great time at our next event!


Quality products, Amazing food, Reliable Service, Great Customer Service and our Promise to always bring you food with a smile and love. Joe’s Pizza Commits to always have fresh dough, Fresh Sauces made daily, Quality Service, and the BEST PIZZA IN TOWN. We won award so we can prove it! Come see us and let us show you why we won that award!


Here at Joe’s Pizza we consider you family. We are a family owned and operated business and we will continue to be. Not only are we a local Family-Owned Business but we consider our customers our family as well. Our Employees have been with us for YEARS and they are what makes us special. We don’t celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or anything else without our valued customers and our employees. Introduce yourself, get to know us, SIGN UP TO GET AN INVITE TO OUR EVENTS!

Joe’s Pizza Virginia


We love our customers feedback. We wake up every morning knowing that we are about to spend time with our regulars and meet new customers. That is what makes us unique is that we have been in Marshall since 1988 and we are still going strong. We aren’t going anywhere. That is our dedication… It’s to you and to bringing you only the best every day.

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